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June 2013

On the Road...yes, again

China and Asia 2013

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It's that time again.....the wanderlust has just gotten too great. Below I've copied my most current posting on my new website - but as noted below - I can't post on that site in China so I'll be using both sites - which might ultimately just not work. So right now I'm keeping both sites. As with this site you can sign up for the new site and I have my own domain name - check out www.pgregoryburke.com....and as always please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might want to follow. As we travel I do look forward to hearing from those that are following the site. Any questions or comments are always appreciated....so here we go!!!!!!!!!!


And so the journey begins.....We're in countdown phase for our next adventure. In less than three weeks, we'll be escaping the dry heat of southern Arizona, relishing the coolness of the San Francisco area (visiting my Mom) for a few days and then plunging into heat and humidity of China and then Asia.....and we can't wait.

Right now our house is a disaster of luggage, piles of clothing and school supplies scattered all over. As soon as I get things cleaned up, it just all seems to reappear.

Just a few more items to procure. I've just ordered a wi-fi attachment so that we'll be able to fully use our Kindles in China. The hotel we're staying in only has an Ethernet connection. I hope it works as simply as the info suggests.

I've made a few runs to Goodwill - to buy not to drop off. Hint to anyone traveling in Asia:the local laundry can be brutal on clothing. I prefer to buy some things that already look well used rather than crisp and shiny because they won't stay that way for long.

Speaking of China - I discovered a couple of weeks ago that this website cannot be accessed in China (like Facebook, YouTube, etc). Our school schedule will be pretty tight but any postings will be on my previous site. That fact might make one wonder why I don't just used my previous site - and don't think I haven't thought about that. The real reason is that I wanted to be able to design (within WordPress limits) my own site.

Travellerspoint is a good site and very easy to use. The Wordpress site has taken me out of my comfort zone and I've had to use those sluggish brain cells a little bit more. Plus...I now have a BLOG...doesn't everyone have their own blog - I feel soooo 2013!!! :-)

Well, it's time to get back to lesson plans or my 25 (more or less) Chinese college students will be entertaining themselves for three hours a day - which I'm sure they more than capable of but that's not really why they'll be in class.

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