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March 2017

The Burkes are at it again

AKA The New Adventures of P,B and J - Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Borneo

It's been a while since I've posted....because it's been a while since we've traveled. I want to make sure I still remember how to do this...:-)
We're less than two weeks out and I really feel like I'm not quite ready.

One of my biggest stumbling blocks this trip is "when do I tell Mom that we're traveling again". She frets a bit when we're gone, so I've delayed telling her. It's that time in life when many of us are dealing with "aging parent" issues. I know I'm not alone. But, I do know that my Mom of younger years would tell us to go ....but it's still difficult.

This past year, I've called our "healing" year. Jim from two surgeries, me from my sister's death. It's definitely time to get back on the road. I know that my sister Judy would be one of the first to push us out the door and tell us to "GO!!"

Asia ...here we come.

After a few days in Bangkok to decompress it will be off to Sri Lanka for three weeks - a new location for us and we're very excited. We ran into a couple of Sri Lankan guys here in Tucson who have a food truck (The Curry Pot). We didn't get to eat from them (they were closing up after the Rillito Farmer's Market) but had a great conversation - they were really excited that we were going to their country.

From SL, it's off to Singapore for a few days. Brenda is traveling with us again this year. She's a great friend and so easy to travel with. B hasn't been to Singapore and we love it there - so a chance to show her around.

Next stop, Indonesia - Java and Borneo to be exact. Jim will finally get the chance to see the Orangutans. Along with Jim's Peace Corp (our Logan UT) friends, Linda and Wayne - we'll be on a small boat heading into the jungle for 4 days.

After enjoying our time in the jungle, it will be off to some beach time. Karimunjawa is a small island, off the north coast of Java - another new destination. Small guesthouse on the beach...a little snorkeling, a little island hopping...yes!!!

Back to Bangkok for our last couple of days - our plan is to get outside the city on a couple of day trips, eat some great Thai food and maybe a massage (or two).

For my readers, some things will be familiar - same backpacks...even some of the same clothes but hopefully I'll be able to share some fascinating new adventures.

Please comment if you get a chance - I love getting messages from home.

My mantra this trip is a quote I found the other day. From Mark Twain:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness".

NOTE: as you might notice - I'm playing with different backgrounds....I've settled on this one. I like the previous background but just wanted something different....

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