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Midway through Bali

.....with just a little hiccup!!

04 February 2012

Rain…rain and more rain and I, for the first time in Bali, actually felt a little chill, but that could have been the infection.

Our mission was to make it down to the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA). It’s not far but not too close either: south of Jl Hanoman and Monkey Forest. Another first, we actually accepted when a taxi driver asked if we needed a ride. Normally, we’re out with the intention to walk so no taxi is needed. Note: All over Ubud there are independent drivers, just about on every corner, asking “Taxi???”, “Taxi?? Maybe tomorrow??”, “Taxi??” for the most part, always with a smile. A simple “No thank you” works just fine. One day we counted and between our villa and downtown Ubud, we were asked 15 times, and that was a slow day.

Not this day – we accepted the first offer. If it’s not raining, our plan is to walk back.

ARMA is a set in a lovely garden and has quite an extensive collection. The admission is 40K (about $5USD) which includes a cup of tea/coffee or water in the Kopi Warung. We spent, at least, an hour wandering through their two buildings before sitting out a heavy downpour with our coffee. Nice way to spend the morning.

From ARMA we wandered up Jl Hanoman and found a nice café for lunch (can’t remember the name). From there, we made our way back to the villa, just in time before another deluge which continued through the evening and overnight.

….Before we left for the museum, at my husband’s suggestion (gotta love that man!), I called Putri Bali Spa for some spa services tomorrow. Yes!!!

05 February 2012

We woke to beautiful blue skies and the prospect of some pampering tempered the irritation in my back. 1030am and the driver picks us up and off we to go. Jim got a 90 minute hot stone massage and since I can’t have a massage right now, I got a facial and a reflexology (foot) massage – heavenly!!

Feeling very refreshed (though a bit tired) we made the short walk to Fly Café for lunch. – Good food. Walking back down Jl Raya Sanggingan, we stopped at Bintang (grocery store) to pick up just a few things. On our way back to the villa, we decided to stop by Henry and Barbara’s (from Myanmar) villa. It’s right along the pathway to Bintang and we’ve walked by a few times. I told Barbara I would say Hi to their housekeeper Pia but until now we hadn’t. We knocked on the door and were met by June and Len (from NY) the current renters who invited us in. Pia was out for just a moment but June showed me around while Jim chatted with Len. The villa is lovely and this couple is having a wonderful time and enjoying Ubud similar to the way we are – relaxing. We talked with Pia and told her to say HI to Henry and Barbara and that we would see them before we left Bali at the end of the month. It’s starting to feel like our trip is winding down.

06 February 2012

Well it’s Monday and back we went to Ubud Clinic to check with Dr Wayan. Jim thought he would say all was ok – keep up with the antibiotics. I wasn’t really sure.

Dr. Wayan took one look at it and decided that I needed to head to Denpasar to see a surgeon down there. Double Shit!! He wrote out his diagnosis and documented the care he had given me and we walked back to villa to pick up my passport (didn’t even think I’d need that) and to arrange for a driver.

We had the name of the guy who took us to ARMA but he wasn’t available. Then we asked Steve (manager of the villas), but his driver wasn’t available either, so our third call was to Mr. Blue who was recommended by Henry and Barbara. Blue wasn’t available but he sent Wayan to get us. Grabbed a quick lunch at Bayu’s (I had a feeling it was going to be a long day) and off we went.

We were referred to a private hospital, Kasih ibu. Dr Wayan had asked if I wanted to go to a private hospital or the public hospital – thank god for insurance. (We have our own and we always take out travel insurance – this will be the first time we’ll make use of it.)

Travel time was 90 minutes down to the hospital and we arrived at the ER, filled out papers and were told that the surgeon was still at another hospital but would be there in about an hour. Compared to the wait in US hospital ERs (from personal experience-I worked in one for four years), an hour wait is nothing.

It was just about an hour and the surgeon arrived, took one look at the cyst and the words, general anesthesia were mentioned. Aghhhh!!! I won’t go into the whole medical thing but he didn’t feel comfortable doing the excision under local so I was admitted. Within an hour of the surgeon arriving, I was in the OR on my way to lala land.

I made it up to my private room (with flat screen TV) about 2130hrs and had a fairly good night sleep.

07 February 2012

Breakfast of my choice (betcha never saw Nasi Goreng on a breakfast menu in a US hospital), more antibiotics, mid-morning tea and then lunch, some more antibiotics and I was on my way back north by 1230. All and all, pretty efficient, and the staff could not have been nicer (in their cute little green uniforms).

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur.

08 February 2012

Feeling pretty crappy this morning!! Anesthesia has never liked me very much so my goal for the day was to drink tons of water to flush my system and sleep until it worked its way out. Not much else to do until later this afternoon, when we have to go back to the hospital so that the surgeon can check the wound.

Bayu’s was a life saver today. Tomato soup for lunch and they delivered it right to our dining room table.

Our appointment is at 6pm but Blue arrives about 4pm to take us down. Traffic in Denpasar is crazy. The Surgeon arrived just about right on time, the wound looked good and he applied a waterproof bandage so that I could take a shower – Yes!! I’ll need to come back next Wednesday to have the stitches out which also means we’ll need to adjust our travel plans to Nusa – Friday instead of Wednesday and we’ll have to find a place to stay in Ubud for two days. Hmmm....

09 February 2012

I felt great this morning. Imagine that!! BUT…as my husband reminded me, my body is still healing and I needed to take it easy.

A little internet surfing, a little reading, a lot of sleeping.

We did try a new warung for lunch. We’d walked by it a couple of times and I really don’t know why we hadn’t stopped – our loss. Warung Alami was really good. It’s a deli type place with good healthy food: some veg but also non-veg. Cafeteria style: you pick what you want and they put it on a plate for you and you are charged by the item. I had a spicy fried (stir fried) pork with cabbage, a green bean with tempeh dish, potato croquette and miso soup. It was soooo good and inexpensive!!

Bubu’s for dinner – we’re so lucky to have so many good warungs within a ten minute walk.

10 February 2012

I bounced back pretty quickly. Good night sleep (only ½ pain pill – I hate to wake up feeling stupid). My incision site hurts, but that’s to be expected.

On our trip to Denpasar on Wednesday, in one of the villages we had passed, we saw a large group that appeared to be highly entertained. What???? Ahhhh, cock fights. Very legal here and part of the Balinese tradition. Blue asks, “Mr. Jim would you like to see??” Jim wasn’t quite sure but as we’re driving back, he decided that he would.

About 1030, Wayan picked up Jim and off they went. I was invited, “Thanks, but no thanks!” They went to the big arena, about 500 people and Jim thought it was pretty interesting. But not interesting enough to spend the whole day – an hour or so was enough. Lunch was a better idea and with Wayan at our service we had him drive us to Delish, an Indian place down near ARMA. Ohhhh, it was so good. Masala dosa just like I remember from India! Plus we stopped at the Tourist Office to get tickets for the Friday Evening performance of the Kecak/Fire Dance at Pura Dalem Ubud.

The Kecak/Fire Dance performance was really good. At the Pura Dalem, it is performed open air in the outer area in front of the temple. There were about 30 men singing and then 10 main performers who act out the struggle between good and evil. (In truth, the Barong Dance was nice but this was more entertaining.

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Glad to here you were in and out of the hospital and are doing well. Its about 18 and snowing 2" or so on the ground- good day to hang out by the fire and think of our traveling friends. I stopped by Norma's shindig yesterday night and chatted up a whole bunch of RPD folks I hadn't seen in many moons. I explained to them that you sent me the party info from Bali- otherwise I wouldn't have known! Everyone (Coon, Salvatore,Cassidy(who is getting married again today),cookie, Norma, Dru, Bubba, Curt......) says hey!

Safe travels and keep us posted.


by Jay

WEll, this adventure has been so interesting, until the food poisoning, and your hospitalization. Really glad you are out of there! the photography has been outstanding! When you get back, I think you guys need to send a video to "the Amazing Race," and get paid for the excursion. I sold the house. Am moving in March. Debi

by Debi

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