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Five Months, Two Weeks Down - One Month to Go

20 January - 03 February 2012

20 January 2012

We’ve been here a week and we’re really enjoying Bali. We’ve found (like we did in Hawaii), when you’re in one place for a month you don’t have to go, go, go. It’s lovely to take your time and get to know a place, little by little.

Again I worked on the website and for some reason, today, I was able to download photos and sent off the first posting from Myanmar.

One, not so good thing, I have a cyst on my back that has become uncomfortable. I was able to SKYPE my MD’s office in Tucson and make an appointment to be seen when I get back to have it removed. Hope it can wait.

21 January 2012

This morning we had planned on a walk through some new areas but the weather had different plans. It started to rain right after breakfast and it rained ALL day.

Sometimes my husband has the most awesome ideas….”how about another spa day”?? We had picked up a brochure for Putri Bali while at Lala Lily’s the other day and Jim suggested we try them. Note: With so many different spas and restaurants we like to try different places, first of all to see what they have to offer, but also to support more of the local businesses.

We called and got appointments for that afternoon and as with most spas in the area – they came and picked us up. Jim had a 90 minute Thai massage and I had a facial and a pedicure – about 300K Rp for both of us. We had a lovely afternoon with an early dinner at Warung Pulau Kelapa (close walk from the spa) that completed it. The food was excellent.

22 January 2012

Quiet but dreary Sunday, it looked like it would rain all day…but never did. I’m jazzed that I finally finished the narrative for Myanmar and was able to post it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add photos soon.

Yellow Flower Café has a buffet each Sunday starting at 6pm. At 65,000Rp ($7USD) for the buffet, soup and dessert, it’s a real treat.

23 January 2012

Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year!!

Rain all night brought clear skies this morning. I headed off for my second batik class. Again, it’s a private lesson just for me. I’m really enjoying the class and this morning we worked on blocking with different brushes and crackling. Red is the color of the day. We need to let it dry so that when I come back next Tuesday we’ll put on the final touches – I think!!

Jim met me at the end of class and we checked with the Post Office to see if our passports (with extended Visas) had arrived. Fortunately, they were just being delivered. From there, it was off to lunch – Warung Little India on Hanoman. Yum!!

24 January 2012

Up early, nice day outside but Jim’s a bit grumpy – just one of those days. We decided to get out and walk a bit but it’s really HOT.

A jump in the pool when we get back and Jim notices that the cyst on my back is getting redder. Shit!! Off to Ubud Clinic to see what the MD says. The clinic is about a ten minute walk from the villa. We get there and their power is out. In Myanmar it was not unusual at all for the power to go out, sometimes two or three times a day, but this was only the second time we’d experienced outages in Bali – even with some really bad lightning storms. Anyways…MD sees me, ups the antibiotics I’d already been taking for Malaria prevention for Myanmar (I was almost done with those-ugh) and gave me some ointment. If it’s not better, I need to come back in a week. The only bad thing is – I can’t touch it – which shoots the hell out of a full body massage – guess I’ll have to stick to my feet.

Dinner at Sari Bamboo makes me feel a little better. Did I mention, they have the some of the best lumpia we’ve had. They don’t fry theirs – more like a think crepe with veggie filling. Sooooo good!!!

25 January 2012

At breakfast, Upik tells us there will be a procession to one of the big temples in Ubud today and he will be there playing the gamelan (Balinese instrument similar to a xylophone). We head into Ubud for lunch (a place near the football field that was only OK) and we catch the procession about 3pm but we never saw Upik. (We found out later he was up inside the temple.)

Mendez for dinner – I tried their pasta with tomato sauce and was really good – I was in need of a western food fix.

26-29 January 2012

These couple of days were down days for us - both physically and mentally. The weather was hot and rainy and it was good for us to try and re-energize. Both Jim and I have been going through books like water. Thankfully, there were some good books in the villa but we (actually my totally non electronic husband) have decided that it’s Kindle time when we get home.

One morning we checked out the Puri Lukisan Museum. It is small but very peaceful.

Igelanca for lunch one day…it was really good.

30 January 2012

It rained hard all night long and we had our doubts about taking our bike tour but things worked out. Gaday from Happy Bike Tours (www.happybiketours.com 350K Rp per person) picked us up at 0815 and we were the only people on the tour. Glad this company doesn’t have a minimum number for its tours. It was drizzling a little but as we made our way north (by van) it gradually stopped. These bike tours aren’t just riding, first we stopped at a coffee plantation. Balinese coffee (kopi) is pretty good and they are famous for Kopi Luwak (remember The Bucket List??) which we tried. The coffee tasting is free but the Luwak cost $3 a cup extra. Glad we tried it but I can’t say I’d try it again or pay the $100-$600 per pound (not sure why some are so much more expensive than others – poo is poo!!!)

From the coffee plantation we made our way up to a restaurant overlooking Mt Batur for brunch. We lucked out, the weather broke and we had beautiful blue skies and could clearly see the top of Mt Agung in the distance and the caldera lake of Batur. Still an active volcano area, Gunung Batur is constantly letting off steam, which we could see a small trail from our vantage point.

Back down the mountain, we got on the bikes on a side road to ride for about 25km (mostly downhill except for a few very steep short uphill climbs) through rice fields and villages. This ride gets the prize for the most children (and adults) who waved and said “hello” as we rode by.
The tour ended at the beautiful home of Made (Happy Bike Tours owner) for midafternoon lunch. Again, since it was just Jim and me, it was a private lunch with six or seven different delicious dishes made by Made’s wife. Before we headed back to the villa, Made came out and we chatted with him for quite a while: about him, his family, how the business got started. He’s a very hard worker as are his employees.

Quiet night back at the villa, we definitely didn’t need dinner.

31 January 2012

My last batik class. We did a little more blocking and cracking, the finish color and final rinse in boiling water to get rid of the wax. I’m really pleased with the final product.

Jim was going to meet me at class but I was done early and back to the villa before he left.

The cyst on my back was not feeling any better and I was feeling pretty bad in general. Tomorrow is the major Hindu holiday of Galungan so if it’s not better I’ll be seeing the MD again on the 2nd.

01 February 2012

Yes, it’s my birthday. Nice, quiet day today. No Upik this morning, so we were on our own for breakfast – I think we remembered how to do that.
Near us, many of the businesses and warungs are closed so we headed into Ubud. It’s a tourist town, so we knew we’d find someplace to grab a bit to eat and we did. Don’t know the name, but it was really small and down a side alley off Monkey Forest Rd but the food was so good.
Truthfully, I wasn’t up to any big celebrations. Jim let me pick out a five hour spa day for my birthday present - it will have to wait but I'll get it in before we leave Bali.

I’ll be seeing Dr Wayan tomorrow.

02 February 2012

Off to the MD in the morning and I won’t go into details but whatever was inside was taken out with three syringes and I was given stronger antibiotics and I’ll need to go back on Monday. If it hasn’t gotten better, I’ll be heading down to Denpasar (the capital) to see a surgeon… and I thought staying off a moto would keep me out of a hospital in Bali. Hmmmm!!

03 February 2012

Rained most of the afternoon and I really didn’t feel like going out so I spent time on line planning our trip to the beach in two weeks. If all goes well, we leave for Nusa Lembongan on 2/15 (staying at Secret Garden) and then on to Gili Air on 2/20 (staying at Juliantos by the Sea).

A good day to read!!

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