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The Pearl of the Adriatic


06 October 2015

As we drove from Mostar towards the coast, the grey clouds seemed to follow us for just a short while. The closer we got and after passing through a long tunnel, we emerged on the other side to clearing skies. By the time we got to our final stop on the Patty, Jim and Brenda tour, the sun was welcoming us. Brenda would be heading home shortly but we (P and J) are heading on to Amsterdam and then Ireland.

Mostar to Dubrovnick

Mostar to Dubrovnick

Seaside town along the way from Mostar - almost deserted

Seaside town along the way from Mostar - almost deserted

Ana was our Airbnb host for the apartment in Dubrovnik but she was up in Zagreb for work. It really seems that many of the Airbnb apartments are family businesses. Throughout our trip, sisters, cousins, Dads and/or Moms were helping when the primary person was not available. And, of course, they were just a text away. Speaking of texting - I think Jim might finally be convinced that a smart/iphone would really be a good thing to have as we travel internationally. (I have a smart tracphone at home. Which works great at home but doesn't work outside the USA. Originally, because we travel so much, a contract was not such a great idea. But with new pricing I think it would be very useful. And truthfully, without Brenda's phone - we would have been a bit lost. Thanks B!!)

But I digress....With bags in hand, we made it down the four flights of stairs. (It was great going down the stairs for once but then you realize at some point we'd have to go back up.)

Walking into our "home" and walking out on to the terrace was incredible. The view...oh the view!!! See what I mean.

Our view from the terrace

Our view from the terrace

Jim enjoying the view

Jim enjoying the view

The apartment in total was great. Two bedroom, living room, kitchen and an sea-view terrace all for $79 per night. Who said that Europe was expensive??

Marija arrived and showed us around the apartment and also sat down with us and gave us the info on Dubrovnik. She also told us where we would have to go to drop the car off (which we decided to do that day instead of the next).

The sun was out and it was time to see the Old City but first - get rid of the car!! We went back and forth on that decision but in the end we were glad that we dropped it off that day so that we had the whole next day to tour the Old Town. Dubrovnik was very easy to get around. Had to get gas first and then the Fleet office was just two minutes up the street. We lucked out with a parking spot right across the street, check over the car, sign paperwork and DONE!! Marija had told us which bus to take to get from the rental car place to the Old Town. She also suggested that we think about buying a "Dubrovnik Card" - it included the Old City Wall, about eight museums and bus transportation for 24 hours. We did the math and decided it would at the very least break even and would be very convenient. Got the card, caught the bus and off we go.

The bus dropped us off right outside the gates of the Old City. Having gone through a devastating earthquake in 1667 and damage again during the fighting in the 1990's, it is currently thriving as a tourist destination.

Being our first afternoon and it was quite late, we decided to just wander a bit and then stop for dinner. We would come back the next day to do the wall. Dubrovnik is a walled, medieval city(probably from the 6th or 7th century but those claims are disputed) and also a seaport. The old city is now a UNESCO Heritage site but the city proper has also extended north along the coast and comprises small neighborhoods and a huge port. On a busy day it's not unusual for four or five cruise ships to be in port. We were lucky, our first two days in town, there was only one large and a couple of small ships. When we left on Thursday Oct 8th - there was probably six. As we found out Thursdays and Saturdays are when there are the most cruise ships in port and are days to do something other than try and see the Old City. One suggestion: try and wander around at night. All the tours and cruisers are gone and you can even find a quite corner or two.


07 October 2015

Dinner was delicious and we probably had a little too much wine so the next morning we were glad that we had already taken the car back. We made our way, UP the stairs and to the bus stop and took the local bus back to the Old City. We made our way up to the wall (price included in the Dubrovnik Card normally 100 Kc (about $14). The wall runs up and down for about 2km (1.24 miles) and is a combination of walkways, stairs, turrets and towers. And for those of you who are Game of Thrones fans, the pictures will seem very familiar. It was filmed here. The views are quite beautiful and you'll be able to see, it really is a working city, with homes and schools - not just a tourist attraction.

The Old City

The Old City

Roof tops of the Old City

Roof tops of the Old City

It was a gorgeous sunny day and feeling a little parched and very hungry we decided lunch should be outside. the harbor side of the city has a couple of cafes with delicious seafood. Seafood on the sea - can't get much better than that other than it was also very reasonable.

Seafood by the sea side

Seafood by the sea side

Our trip was coming to an end and the next day was going to be an early one for Brenda, so we planned the evening at the apartment and it was a good thing. A thunder and lightening storm came in along the sea and it truly was the most spectacular I've ever experienced. Brilliant lightening strikes lighting up the water and the thunder rolled enough to shake the house. (I loved it!!!).

08 October 2015

As they normally do, the storm passed and ushered in a beautiful day. Sun after the storm

Sun after the storm

Unfortunately, at 0600 Brenda was off the the airport for her flight home. It hardly seemed like we'd really been traveling for a month. The three of us had talked extensively about how fortunate we felt that 1) we have the opportunity to travel as we do and 2) that the three of us seem to really meld as travel companions. Safe travels B...until our next trip!!!

Our flight to Amsterdam didn't leave until late afternoon, so we decided to head back to the Old City and try to scout out some of the small alleyways. Upon arriving, was when we found out what Thursdays were like. Crazy!! It was so much more crowded than the past two days, so we grabbed some lunch, made our way back to the apartment just in time to meet with Marija's Dad who would be our ride to the airport.

Just the two of us (missing our travel buddy) we're heading to Amsterdam and on to a new adventure.


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Thank you for being such a wonderful travel buddy with my dear friends Jim and Patty, blessings to you.

by Nancy Peck

I miss being with you two! Looking forward to your next blog entry of Amsterdam!

by Brenda Rubacha

Enjoyed your/my visit to Mostar and Dubrovnik. Fabulous!!! Is it really as clean as it seemed in the pictures. Great pics - lovely trip. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

by Barbara Skith

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